Young Scholars Program

An exciting project we worked on in 2021 was the ‘Young Scholars Program’. The aim of the project is to produce a community of traditionally trained Australian Muslim scholars to educate and spiritually guide the future Muslim community in Australia.

Since the passing of our Prophet Muhammad (SAW), Islamic history has witnessed the rise and fall of many Islamic empires from the Umayyads to the Abbasids, and Seljuks to the Ottomans. One thing has withstood the test of time however, and that is the institution of Islamic knowledge. It is of our opinion that the long-term sanctity of the Muslim community in Australia and the preservation of their identity, values and tradition is dependent on attaching ourselves to this noble institution of sacred knowledge. The Prophet (SAW) mentions in a hadith that ‘the scholars are the inheritors of the Prophets’. We believe it is incumbent upon institutions such as ourselves to fulfill this communal responsibility, also known as Fardh al-Kifayah in the Islamic tradition, and work towards producing scholars who will assume the sacred role of providing authentic and traditional Islamic education to our future generations.

This project has five key objectives:

  • To provide further learning pathways for students who have attained a strong foundation in the YSP post Secondary school.
  • To develop international networks with academic and traditional institutions of Islamic learning in Turkey.
  • To develop a community scholarship fund to sponsor students in their journey of seeking sacred knowledge.
  • To ensure students are facilitated platforms to convey their knowledge upon completion of their Islamic studies and return to Australia.
  • To facilitate continuity of higher learning upon return of students to Australia to acquire formal qualifications.

The project is still in its research and development phase, and the College is looking to consolidate international partnerships with higher learning institutions to actualise the objectives of this project.

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