Parent/Teacher Interviews


At Irfan College, parent-teacher interviews are held two times per school year. These are:
GradesParent - Teacher Interviews
Kindergarten - 12 yearEnd of Term 1End of Term 3
Parents are notified of the upcoming parent-teacher interviews through a letter sent home as well as through other means of communication such as the College newsletters, the College website, SMS text messages via College portal or the Skoolbag App. Interviews are held after school hours.

The importance of parent-teacher interviews

Parent-teacher interviews are a great opportunity for you to find out about your child’s academic, emotional, social and physical development. By coming to parent-teacher interviews, you also show interest in your child’s learning and school life. It will help you get to know your child’s teacher and foster a positive and respectful relationship with your child’s school. By asking questions and finding out more information about your child’s progress, you have an opportunity to become further involved in your child’s learning and give support where needed.  Parent-teacher interviews give the teacher more understanding about your child and results in everyone working together with the child’s best interests as the priority.