Texts & Stationary

Texts & Stationary

Primary (K to 6)

Students from Kindergarten – Year 6 receive a stationary pack at the beginning of each school year. The stationary pack is sent home and it is the parents’/guardians’ responsibility to make sure that the contents are being used responsibly by their child. Parents need to provide missing stationary to their child if any of the items deplete throughout the year, for example pencils, rubbers, and glue.

The content of the stationary pack vary depending on the grade. In general, the stationary packs include:

  • Textbooks for various subjects
  • Exercise books for each subject
  • Lead/coloured pencils, crayons, rubbers, sharpeners, and ruler
  • Glue sticks, highlighters, and pocket folders

Stationary pack is included as part of the school fee and paid by the parent/guardian of each student.

Secondary (7 to 11)

Students from Year 7 to 9 will receive a stationary and text book pack at the beginning of each school year.