Daar ul-‘Irfan Library

Daar ul-‘Irfan (House of Enlightenment) Library

At Irfan College we place great emphasis on our library as a centre for knowledge and personal growth. We believe that an open and accessible library encourages thinking, and serves as an interchange for knowledge. Our belief is deeply rooted in the Islamic philosophy that the seeking of knowledge is an obligation on everyone. It is a place for both students and teachers.

The Daar ul-‘Irfan Library has over 6,949 books which cover a range of topics to suit the tastes and needs of all of our students. Our library also houses a range of teaching and learning resources that make it easier for teachers to plan for their students.

Our trained librarian conducts weekly lessons with each class. Students learn to develop an appreciation of books through interactive learning experiences, and lunch time Library Clubs help students to interact in a friendly and welcoming environment.

Daar ul-‘Irfan Library hours

The Daar ul-‘Irfan Library opening hours are Monday to Friday from 8.30am 4pm.

“Knowledge is not what is memorised; knowledge is what benefits.” Imam Shafi’i

Students can borrow up to three books for two weeks. Books can be re-borrowed before the due date to allow students to thoroughly enjoy their books.

The Daar ul-‘Irfan Library runs a range of programs that encourage students to engage with literature. These include weekly lunch clubs, writing competitions each term with focuses that are specific to the abilities and interests of each year level, novelty competitions such as bookmark design competitions and reading competitions. The library is also actively involved in the Premier’s Reading Challenge and the Writing for Fun competition.