2023 Tuition Fees

At Irfan College we are conscious of making your fee payment process simple and easy.  Our aim is to minimise additional costs to you throughout the year.

Levies Details

      General Levies includes:

1)      Primary: Stationery & Textbook, Digital Learning resources: Handwriting Textbook, Spelling Mastery, InilialLit, All Exercise books, Art/craft supplies, LOTE and Islamic Studies workbooks, Maths Seeds, Reading eggs, STEM subscriptions, Sports Levy and Athletic carnival.

2)       Year 7: Subjects & iPad resources, Adobe & STILE Subscriptions and Athletic carnival.

3)       Year 8: Subjects & iPad resources, Calculator, Adobe & STILE Subscriptions and Athletic carnival

4)      Year 9 & 10: Subjects & Computer resources Adobe and STILE Subscriptions and Athletic carnival.

5)       Year 11 & 12: Subjects resources. Atomi & Adobe subscriptions and Athletic carnival.

Fee Management:

We understand that a commitment to an Irfan College education requires a long-term financial investment.  As such, we are pleased to offer families, by request, options for fee management such as pre-payment plans.  We can also provide families with information regarding forward planning for school fees.  Please contact the Account Department for further details.


The 4 termly invoices for full year's school fees are issued in the first 2 weeks of Term 1. Full year payments are due and payable invoice due date. If full year payments are made before the end of Term 1, net school fees will attract a 10% discount. Payments via instalment and deferred payment arrangements must be made within the first 4 weeks of Term 1. A 5% discount will be applied on net school fee amounts if an approved direct debit option is signed by the parent within the first 6 weeks of term 1.

Fee Statements are issued yearly to reflect the balance of fees outstanding for the duration of that year.

*Please note: the above school levy fees are compulsory (per student, per year) and are in addition to the school fees.                                                                                        Capital levy is a fee charge towards the school’s capital works.

Up to date school fees can be found on our website www.irfancollege.nsw.edu.au

Payment Methods

One-off Payments

For One-off School Fee Payments, click the button below and complete the Online Payment form. NOTE: please check your bank account post payment to ensure the transaction has been processed.

Scheduled Payments

For regular scheduled School Fee Payments, click on the button below and complete the Direct Debit request form
Scheduled Payments

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