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Year 9 | 5.2 Mathematics Term 2 2021

Posted by Mr Halil Ordukaya on 21 June 2021


Assalama Alaykum Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakatu,

This term, we looked at the core foundations of algebraic expression, equations and inequalities. Many discussions were had regarding the usefulness of applying algebra in the real world from calculating the perimeter and area of a land to constructing an equation to solve literal problems. The students then moved on to right angled triangles starting with the Pythagorean theorem and how it was developed. We then moved on to the applications of trigonometry with context to bearings. Students were able to find the distances between two/three objects based on the degree of true bearing relative to their position. Students also enjoyed a particular questions which required them to calculate the angle in which a plane had to ascend in order to clear a mountain that was in front of them. 

Author:Mr Halil Ordukaya

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