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Year 8 Science Term 4 2021

Posted by Ms Nancy El Assaad on 16 December 2021

Asalamu Alaikum respected parents, guardians, and students at Irfan college,

Alhamdulillah through the grace of Allah swt, year 8 in science have graciously explore the dazzling ‘Treasures beneath the mantle’ topic this term.

Our students have explored the chemical composition of rocks, how the three different rocks found beneath the Earth’s layers are formed and recycled, uses of rocks, the importance of geological processes that shape the surface of the earth (such as chemical and physical weathering), how scientists mine for minerals and lastly the significance of fossils to our modern understanding of life on Earth.

We have shared a combination of online experiences and face to face learning, but our highlights include:- - practical investigation of the effects of physical and chemical weathering on rocks - presenting a tourism campaign on the formation of an Australian sedimentary landform - a group PBL on whether a town in Australia should ‘Mine or not mine’ - modelling relative dating of rocks using bread, gummis and jam - Fortnightly kahoots to revise the topic MashaAllah, our students have come a long way and have become resilient learners.

I pray that we all enjoy the break and return invigorated, motivated, and eager to strive and achieve our personal best.

Sincere regards,

Author:Ms Nancy El Assaad

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