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Year 8 Science Term 2 2021

Posted by Ms Nancy El Assaad on 21 June 2021
Asalamu Alaikum respected parents, guardians, and students at Irfan college,

It has been a delightful second term with Year 8 Science studying the 'Elemental science' topic. Together we have explored a range of elements, their uses and arrangement on the periodic table and learnt about how new substances called compounds are made by heating together two or more elements in the lab.  We then delved into the two types of ways substances may change and experimented with a range of everyday substances to observe these physical and chemical changes. Later we investigated photosynthesis, respiration and combustion and learned how to write word equations for these special reactions. Finally, we wrapped up this term by studying a very special polymer compound (also known as plastic) and explored the dramatic way it has changed our lives and its current and future impacts on the world we live in.

Alhumdulilah, we were given the opportunity to have shared many wonderful experiences this term. Some of our highlights include:
modelling elements and compound using molecular model kits,
conducting various practical investigations to observe how to make or break up compounds into their elements,
competing in Kahoots related to the topic,
and lastly using a new online interactive learning platform called 'Stile' to actively engage in and assess their own learning throughout the term.

Well done, Year 8!!  

















Author:Ms Nancy El Assaad

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