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Year 7 Science Term 2 2021

Posted by Ms Nancy El Assaad on 21 June 2021
Asalamu Alaikum respected parents, guardians, and students at Irfan college,

It has been an exciting second term in science learning about our connection to the Earth, the types and uses of renewable and non-renewable resources it holds and the nature of 'matter' around us. Our mini scientists explored and brought to life, real-world science and global issues relating to:
The importance of water, how it is recycled, used, treated, and brought to our homes
The three main states of matter, how particles behave and how this account for differences in physical and chemical properties and what happens to particles when substances change state
Our current energy demands and the advantages and disadvantages of the renewable and non-renewable ways to power our lives.

Alhumdulilah, we have been given the opportunity to share many wonderful engaging learning experiences this term. Some of our highlights include:
using the iPads to make online posters using Canva
participating in group PowerPoint presentations on Earth's precious resources
making particle models using play-dough
working in teams to problem solve, design and carry out investigations to observe changes in states
and lastly using Stile a new online interactive learning platform for students to actively engage in and assess their own learning. 

Well done, Year 7!!       


Author:Ms Nancy El Assaad

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