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Year 7 Science T1 2021

Posted by Ms Nancy El assaad on 12 April 2021

Asalamualaikum respected parents and students at Irfan college,

It has been a fruitful first term in Science. Our budding future 'Muslim Scientist' have gained a pleasing set of scientific skills ranging from how to safely light a Bunsen burner; draw scientific diagrams and line graphs; and separate first-hand a range of mixtures using various techniques such as decanting, filtration, evaporation and crystallisation, distillation and magnetic separation.

Alhumdulilah, we were given the opportunity to perform and share many wonderful practical experiences this term. Some of our highlights include making safety posters, having fun making chromatography art and working in teams to problem solve, design and carry out a method to separate a mixture of salt and soil.

Well done, Year 7!!  


Author:Ms Nancy El assaad
Tags:Science - Secondary

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