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Year 7 & Year 9 English T3 2019

Posted by Mr Ozan Angin on 15 October 2019
Year 7 English students have been studying poetry this term. Their close study of poetic techniques allowed students to appreciate how language expresses powerful feelings and imagery through poetry. Students were also given the opportunity to explore a variety of different poetry from traditional poems, to songs, to the imagery in the Qur'an as well as studying the poetry of Muhammad Ali, Rumi and 2pac.

Year 9 students studied Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet this term. Their close textual study of the play provided an opportunity to explore the context of England 400 years ago, whilst questioning why such a story continues to be read today. This unit also provided the rich and engaging opportunity to act out the play. Close analysis of key scenes paved the way for their assessment task which consisted of a presentation around key themes. The end of the unit allowed an appreciation and analysis of modern appropriations of the play including Romeo + Juliet, Gnomeo and Juliet and Warm Bodies.

Author:Mr Ozan Angin
About: English & Islamic Teacher
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