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Year 6 Term 4 2021

Posted by Ms Semra on 9 December 2021

What a way to end the term! Mashallah, year 6 has been very productive upon their return from online learning this term.

Students got straight back into the rhythm of things in class and worked hard to create their science project designs for the permaculture garden, ranging from arches and pathways, to hand-built sheds. They learned about which materials are more suitable than others and their properties.

For sports this term, students focused on Indigenous games and circuit sports with Mr Vanburn and I. The subject that was most touching for all of us this term was History. Students got to learn about their family's journeys with migration and truly understood the hardships they went through to come to Australia just to provide a better life for their family.

For English, we linked our History topic of migration to our persuasive speeches about asylum seekers/refugees. Again, students learned about real-life experiences and developed a greater sense of compassion for people that come here because of the dangers they face in their countries. Our students have grown to become kind, compassionate and humble beings, and I pray that they always stay this way as young Muslims.

Inshallah they have an amazing experience in their new journey to High School and may Allah (swt) always keep them steadfast on their path of Iman.

I will miss them all very dearly. Good luck Year 6!



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