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Year 6 Term 3 2021

Posted by Ms Semra on 14 September 2021

Assalamu Alaikum Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Alhamdulillah we made it through the term. It has been a term of trials and tribulations, but mashallah my year 6's are so strong that they didn't allow these hardships to stray them from their path to knowledge and learning. They stood as one, motivating each other to keep going and supporting each other in times of need.

This term, Year 6 focused on different types of poetry for their English. They got to experiment with the different forms and features that make up a poem and I got to read their fantastic work. For Maths, students focused on topics such as area and perimeter, volume and capacity, data, fractions and patterns and algebra. In Science, they made their own toys that displayed a transformation from one form of energy to another, e.g. potential to kinetic energy. I was extremely impressed by the toys that the students designed, and based on the works they submitted, I can easily say that these students have a bright future ahead of them inshallah. They were creative, engaging and most importantly, completely functional. For their PDHPE, they had some fun sports activities assigned to them. They also learned the negative effects of drugs/tobacco and steps they could follow to prevent the use of these. This was tied into their Arts lessons where they created a brochure that informed people how to prevent the use of drugs/tobacco and other alternatives we could make use of such as finding hobbies for ourselves. Finally, for their History, year 6 focused on Australia as a nation - how we got from colonisation to federation, and then how certain groups in Australia gained/fought for their rights and freedoms.

I am so proud to call Year 6 my class and look forward to next term because I know that they have so much to offer in terms of their knowledge and support. I cannot wait to see them all again soon inshallah and wish everyone a lovely, well-deserved break.

Author:Ms Semra

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