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Year 6 Term 2 2021

Posted by Ms Semra on 24 June 2021

This term, Year 6 have studied maths topics: decimals, fractions, whole number, time, chance and 3D Shapes. They were definitely up for the challenge with the advanced Maths skills required for some of these topics, such as using long division. When students struggled they asked me: "Ms what tool is best suited for math?" I told them, "multi-pliers". Year 6 is still enjoying my puns. They are even occasionally coming up with their own ones to share with the class.
In terms of their arts and science, we fused the two key learning areas together and made it all about 'Natural Disasters'. The students really enjoyed learning about what makes volcanoes erupt and how earthquakes occur, along with some other natural disasters. We took this time to reflect on how natural disasters act as a reminder to us to become closer to Allah (swt) and to be caretakers of this Earth that has been entrusted to us. We reflected these through our realistic artworks. Finally, as a challenge for our class, we completed the Snapology 'Escape Room' activity which required our class to work in teams to solve the codes and riddles that would unlock the mysterious boxes. We got to display our team skills and put our thinking caps on. Overall, it was an enjoyable term and I wish everyone a lovely holiday to enjoy with loved ones. I look forward to another productive and fruitful term next term inshallah. 

Author:Ms Semra

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