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Year 6 Term 1

Posted by Mohammed Odeh on 5 April 2018
Year 6 Term 1

Term 1 in 6M

What an exciting and successful Term we have had thus far! It has been a pleasure to get to know all the students in 6M and see their personalities shine through as the term wore on. We shared many funny, heartfelt and memorable moments throughout this term.

Many fond memories were made during Harmony Day. From getting to know the children's cultural backgrounds during and exploring their traditions, through to as a class coming together and embracing the Mexican culture through traditional clothing, food and aesthetics; the day ran smoothly and seamlessly. It was refreshing to see the students with smiles on their faces and laughter filling the air as they wandered from stall to stall exploring an array of cuisines.

In class we studied 'Deserts' in depth as it was incorporated into other learning areas such as English, Creative Arts and ICT, to make learning relevant to the students. Students picked up and enhanced various skills including but not limited to, writing, researching, referencing, drawing diagrams, sketching images and exploring different materials when creating an artwork.

The students thoroughly relished in learning about deserts and were always fascinated with the new information they unpacked when they researched or conducted an experiment about the topic.

All in all, it has been a great term Alhamdullillah and I look forward to seeing 6M continue to work hard and flourish in Term 2.

Mr Mohammed Odeh

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