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Year 5 Term 2 2021

Posted by Ms Hunaiza Yousaf on 23 June 2021
What a term it has been for Year 5! We had many exciting activities and events come up in Term 2. All students have worked very productively this term in all Key learning areas.

In Science, students have been studying the unit 'Earth's place in our solar system' integrated with our Creative Arts lesson. In this lesson, students understood that Earth is part of a system of planets orbiting around a star and modelled the relative size of and distance between Earth, other planets in the solar system and the sun through different artworks.

During Physical Development and Health education lessons, students spent quality time in class discussions based around their personal Muslim identity, the importance of values and how to emotionally respond to situations that arise in school and their personal life.

Year 5 ended the term with their assembly that focused on raising awareness for our brothers and sisters in Palestine through meaningful poetry. This was definitely a highlight for them this term !

Ms Hunaiza Yousaf 



Author:Ms Hunaiza Yousaf
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