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Year 5 Term 1

Posted by Ms Hunaiza Yousaf on 5 April 2018
Year 5 Term 1
5H has been focusing on the unit 'Electricity' for science where we learnt about renewable and non-renewable energy. As part of our journey, students constructed their very own energy efficient house within their groups. Their efforts, hard work and creativity is evident in their models. Fantastic work 5H!

Year 5 worked so hard to make our 'Pakistan' stall come to life with the delicious foods and the hard work of their mothers. We worked hard during CAPA lessons to draw and decorate Pakistani flags so our stall could look amazing!

During our History lessons, student have been focusing on Australian colonies and how they developed within Australia during the settlement period. Students were placed in pairs to investigate and design their very own poster that shows what life was like for different groups settling in Australia. These are displayed around the classroom for students.


Ms Hunaiza Yousaf

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