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Year 5 T2 2019

Posted by Ms Hunaiza Yousaf on 5 July 2019
What a busy term for 5H! Year 5 students have been working extremely hard this term and Alhamdulillah their hard work has paid off! In the midst of all the busyness, Year 5 has learnt and grasped many concepts over the term.

5H has been particularly interested in the study of science where they learn about the properties of solids, liquids and gases through various experiments that expose them to physical and chemical changes. Year 5 have been lucky enough to visit 'Science Space', a world of science where students are invited to take part in over 100 interactive exhibits and watch a live nitrogen show. Through this excursion, students were given an opportunity to take part in many hands on activities where they were in control of their learning experience. In History, Year 5 have been learning about different migrant groups that have come to Australia and shaped Australia's colony. Students learnt about the Muslim Cameleers and their significant role in shaping the Muslim identity within Australia. Year 5 created an informative poster about Muslim Cameleers where they undertook research about who, what, where and how the Muslim Cameleers migrated to Australia. In Creative Arts, students have been learning about the Dreamtime and how the Aboriginal people used a yarning circle as a method to pass on stories from generation to generation. Year 5 have created beautiful paintings of the yarning circle during their art lessons.

Alhamdulillah, Year 5 had a busy yet fruitful term. We look forward to more eventful terms like this and Insha'Allah their hard work continues throughout the year.

Enjoy your holidays 5H!


Author:Ms Hunaiza Yousaf
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