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Year 12 Biology Term 3 2022

Posted on 5 October 2022

Asalamu Alaikum respected parents, guardians, and students at Irfan college,


Term 3 has challenged many students across NSW sitting their HSC trial examinations. With the completion of the two- workshop during the school holidays brought the completion of the course content to an end. Alhumdulilah we were blessed with the opportunity to complete a 3-week intensive revision regime utilizing PAST HSC papers and our year 12 biology cohort has achieved their personal best and have succeeded against all odds in their final HSC Trial examination.


My final advice:

•             Start your day right. ...

•             Schedule your study. ...

•             Keep it consistent. ...

•             Maintain motivation. ...

•             Minimise distractions. ...

•             Beware of burnout. ...

•             Get a good night's sleep. ...

•             Be kind to yourself.

•             Remember Allah in everything you do.


I pray that Allah swt keeps us steadfast on his religion and makes us successful in this life and the hereafter.


You will be sorely missed as you step out into the world with shaking limbs, but know that Allah is always with you and is the best of Guides.


Love and peace,


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