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Year 11 Biology T1 2021

Posted by Ms Nancy El assaad on 12 April 2021
Asalamualaikum respected parents and students at Irfan college,

It has been a fulfilling first term for Year 11 Biology as we have completed studying Module 1 together- Cells as the basis of life. This term, we have thoroughly examined the structure and function of prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms at a cellular level and looked into how these organisms are able to facilitate the efficient provision and removal of materials to and from cells through various unique processes.

Our students successfully completed a Depth Study task which involved 5 hours of ongoing investigations into the effects of the environment on the activity of various enzymes such as Catalase found in potatoes.  I had the honour of observing and mentoring the Year 11 cohort as they developed and refined their own set of 'Working Scientifically' skills. In this task students were able to plan, design, conduct, process their collected data from their investigation and finally presented their findings in a scientific report.

Towards the end of the term, we finalised the module by exploring in detail the essential biochemical processes known as cellular respiration and photosynthesis which are utilised by eukaryotic organisms.

Alhumdulilah through Allah's (swt) blessing and mercy, we have shared many wonderful experiences this term. Some of our highlights include making onion skin cell slides that we viewed under the microscope and calculated its actual length; modelling diffusion/osmosis using dialysis tubing; and making physical 2D models of the cell membrane using arts and craft materials.

Well done, Year 11 on your brilliant efforts!!  


Author:Ms Nancy El assaad

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