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Year 11 Biology & Chemistry T1 2020

Posted by Ms Zina Alnakeeb on 14 July 2020

Term 2 was a fast-paced and unique experience with students returning from remote learning to the classroom. Although it took year 11 students a few lessons to adjust back to face-to-face learning, it was great having them back into the classroom. Year 11 Chemistry students have completed Module 2: Introduction to Quantitative Chemistry and have started Module 3: Reactive Chemistry which they will continue in Term 3. Year 11 Biology students have completed Module 2: Organisation of Living Things and have started Module 4: Ecosystem Dynamics. They will continue Module 4 in Term 3 and also complete Module 3: Biological Diversity. Both chemistry and biology students will complete the preliminary course and their final assessment task (Yearly Examinations) in Term 3.

Author:Ms Zina Alnakeeb
About: Head of Science, Events & SRC
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