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Year 11 & 12 | Standard Mathematics Term 2 2021

Posted by Mr Halil Ordukaya on 23 June 2021

Assalama Alaykum Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakatu,

Year 11

This term, we covered measurement and energy whereby the students were provided with the opportunity to appreciate the inherent errors in measurement and were able to become competent in solving practical problems involving energy. The next topic of relative frequency and probability built on developing the students awareness of the broad range of applications of probability concepts in everyday life and their use in decision making. Students enjoyed making inferences regarding the calculation the expected frequency and relative frequency of future events. Finally, the students furthered their skills to competently solve problems involving perimeter, area, volume and capacity. Students were able to draw a diagram of literal questions and then come up with an appropriate equation so solve problems.



Year 12

Students first started to cover the topic of non linear relationships. This topic was designed to develop the students understanding of non linear functions and how they can be used to model and solve a range of practical problems. The students were also able to visually represent the equations and understand why the graph has that shape. We then moved on to developing an understanding of the properties of the normal distribution and how it can be used to analyse data and make judgements about the reasonableness of a solution. Finally, we looked at the topic of critical path analyses. This topic was based on developing the students awareness of what it means to have a critical path and specifically looking into the ways of optimising these in real life problems. 

Author:Mr Halil Ordukaya

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