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TURKISH year 7-10 T1 2021

Posted by Ms Sevinc Kuscu on 9 April 2021


This term, year 7 students learnt Turkish terms to introduce themselves, family, hobbies, likes and dislikes. As part of their assessment students needed to prepare a speech introducing themselves and describing an important family member in their lives. Student's descriptions were beautiful.
May all of you have a safe and relaxing break.



This term, students learnt about what education is, the importance of education, what education can help us achieve and Hadiths about education. Students prepared a speech detailing all this important information. Students also looked at the importance of bilingual and made memes to describe Turkish lifestyle. 


Students learnt about reflecting on a past moment in life or changes in life. Students verbalised their reflections of past memories and a change in their lives. Students also made classroom resources of proverbs they have learnt. 


This term, students have learnt about sport, benefits of sport, traditional sport, proverbs about sport and Hadith about sport. Students prepared a speech explaining this information to their peers. 


Author:Ms Sevinc Kuscu
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