16 December 2020

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Year 6 - T4 2020

by Ms Rukiyye Sayan
Term 4 has been a fantastic term Alhamdulillah! 6M has worked very hard this term and overall have displayed pleasing results particularly in Maths and English. All their efforts and hard work has paid off, MashaAllah! This term students took an interest in Science due to the practical hands on...

15 July 2020

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Year 6 T1 2020

by Mohammed Odeh
Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh, Alhamdullillah, what a year 2020 has been so far in Semester 1. With the late start to the school year and the strike of COVID-19, our students showed so much resilience and perseverance navigating through the uncharted territory of Online Remote L...

24 June 2020

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Year 6 helps build Water Well

by Mohammed Odeh
It is very humbling to see how the fundraising efforts of Year 6 Class of 2019, has had a huge positive impact on the community of Burkina Faso in Africa. Their generous donations went towards the construction of a much needed drinking well. The smiles on the kids' faces has made these effo...

1 January 2020

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Year 6 T4 2019

by Mohammed Odeh
Mashallah! what a year it has been. This year's 6M have definitely left an imprint in the hearts of many. From their endearing personalities and excellent work ethics to their charitable acts of kindness, each individual student has left me in awe.
Academically, year 6 have displayed excep...

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