14 October 2020

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Year 4 T3 2020

by Ms Hunaiza Yousaf
What an exciting term it has been for year 4!  For science this term, year 4 has been exploring forces and motion. Through hands-on activities, students identified forces that act at a distance and those that act in direct contact. Students engaged in many practical lessons as well as theo...

15 July 2020

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Year 4 T1 2020

by Ms Hunaiza Yousaf
Year 4 has enjoyed coming back to school and learning in the classroom. During Term 2, Year 4 has been studying the unit 'The Earth, Moon and Space' where students used their understanding of the solar system and the positions of the planets to create their own artwork of the solar syst...

1 January 2020

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Year 4 T4 2019

by Ms Jinan Assoum
This year has gone by so quickly and our year 4 students should be proud of their achievements! The most exciting activity for this term had to be the  science "Snapology" incursion in which students made a space model out of Lego's. They later programmed their model to show ...

14 October 2019

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Year 4 T3 2019

by Ms Jinan Assoum
We have finished another successful term in 4J ! Term 3 was full of fun and engaging lessons. Students had a spectacular time during Book Character Parade as they dressed up in their favourite book character. In Science, students covered the topic 'Forces' and had the opportunity to eng...

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