16 December 2020

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Year 1 - T4 2020

by Ms Semra
What a year it has been for all of us! We made it through alhamdulillah. During our last term of year 1, we did many exciting activities throughout all subjects.
For Creative Arts, students used the DrawingPad app on iPads to create their self-portraits. They also used sticks and streamers to ...

14 October 2020

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Year 1 T3 2020

by Ms Semra
Year 1 has had another fun-filled, engaging term elhamdulillah. Whether it was playing tricky words bingo, mental maths or team building games, year 1 learned that when we work together we can achieve anything. I wish you all a beautiful holiday inshallah and look forward to yet another term of...

14 July 2020

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Year 1 T1 2020

by Ms Semra
Year 1S has enjoyed coming back to school and spending time with their friends and in the classroom. We have explored the sky and the landscape that Allah (swt) has provided for us, painted some beautiful day and night skies, persuaded readers to 'eat fruit every day' in their expositio...

1 January 2020

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Year 1 T4 2019

by Ms Semra
This term Year 1 studied the unit 'Material World' for Science. In this unit, they looked at the way we mix and combine materials to create something for a specific purpose. In order to fully understand how this works, year 1 worked with lego to create robotic creatures and programmed t...

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