15 October 2019

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Year 1 T3 2019

by Ms Semra
During this term for our Science Unit, we studied the topic 'What's that sound?' and had a look at how technologies use forces to create movement in products. To explore this, Year 1 went on an excursion to the Penrith Apple Store this term to learn about coding the Spero Bolt Robot...

5 July 2019

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Year 1 T2 2019

by Ms Semra
This term Year 1 learnt all about the external features of living things in the science unit 'Needs of Living Things'. As part of this unit, Year 1 went to the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium to have a look at the different sea animals and their external features. They all had a lovely time look...

16 April 2019

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Year 1 T1 2019

by Ms Semra
Throughout this term we have been looking at artworks about the sea and exploring sea creatures. Year 1 created their own 'under the sea' mural colouring their own sea creatures and added to the mural as the term went on.

Our class made maracas this term during their music class a...

11 October 2018

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Year 1 Term 3

by Ms Zeynep Kabadayi
Another term has finished and what an engaging term Year 1 has had!
From Book Week to Science Week, the Athletics Carnival and the excursion to the Museum of Australia, Term 3 was full of learning, exploring and fun!
This term, 1Z started their Geography content learning about the places a...

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