14 October 2020

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Science T3 2020

by Mr Aladdin El Zoobi
Assalaam Alaykom, by the grace of Allah we have just concluded another beneficial term at Irfan College. I would like to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday insha'Allah. In science, students have learnt a range of topics throughout the term, I would like to provide an update on each class ...

12 October 2020

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Year 11 Biology and Chemistry T3 2020

by Ms Zina Alnakeeb
Year 11 students have marked an end to their preliminary experience by completing their yearly examinations. It has been a roller coaster ride with many ups and downs. We have worked closely together to plan for year 12, identifying strengths, weaknesses and setting goals to achieve success ins...

16 July 2020

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Science T1 2020

by Mr Aladdin El Zoobi
As students were at home engaging in online learning. This led to the students being eager to participate in scientific experiments on their return to school. To promote Working Scientifically skills, multiple scientific experiments were conducted on a weekly basis for each year group.
Year 7 ...

1 January 2020

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Secondary Science T4 2019

by Mr Dominic Marsh
Year 7
The topics covered in Term 4 for Year 7 were Classification and Earth and Space. In Classifications students learnt about classifying animals and plants into groups and how to use dichotomous keys. In Earth and Space, students were engaged in learning about gravity, tides, planets and the ...

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