5 July 2019

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A journey through Science!

by Ms May Fares
Dear Parents & Students, Term 2 has been a term full of learning and productivity. So many new ideas, topics and concepts were explored, studied and experimented by our junior scientists. Year 7 had a very busy term learning about the Earth and its resources. How do we get energy? Wha...

16 April 2019

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Science T1 2019

by Ms Songul Kaba
After learning the fundamentals of the Scientific Method, including planning experiments, writing up scientific reports and learning how to use scientific equipment, Year 7 have been busy learning about the properties of substances and the particle model of matter. They are getting used to conduc...

18 December 2018

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Science Term 4

by Ms Songul Kaba
This term Year 7 learned about the myriad of living creatures that exist. They learned to use dichotomous keys to classify organisms. In the Earth and Space unit we modeled the Solar System. We also learned the phases of the Moon using a model where students could see for themselves how the Moon ...

11 October 2018

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Science Term 3

by Ms Zina Alnakeeb
Term 3 saw our students celebrate National Science Week with many hands-on activities including soap-making, building sundials and environmentally friendly bird houses and a bird bath for our schools garden. High school students also mentored the primary school students in investigating a rang...

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