1 January 2020

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Kindergarten T4 2019

by Ms Amena Yatim
This term has been a remarkably busy and exciting time of the year for Kindergarten. Term 4 is a rewarding time to reflect on all the milestones the children have accomplished this year. I have observed children independently learning to take care of their personal belongings, develop positive ...

14 October 2019

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Kindergarten T3 2019

by Ms Amena Yatim
Dearest Parents, I cannot believe we have come to the end of Term 3! It has been a faboulous Term in Kindergarten. We revised our letter sound knowledge while introducing diagraphs (e.g. ck, ee, sh) and continuing to strengthen our sight word recognition. In writing, we explored descriptive wri...

21 August 2019

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World Bee Day 2019

by Ms Amena Yatim
Yesterday we had a buzzing day as we had celebrated World Bee Day to raise awareness on the declination of bees. Bees significantly contribute to the mitigation of climate change and environmental conservation. Thanks to funds raised, we have an additional 22 native plants ready to be pla...

5 July 2019

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Kindergarten T2 2019

by Ms Amena Yatim
This term Kindergarten's were busy bees writing simple descriptions using simple punctuation rules.  It has been an amazing journey watching my students start writing words and then gradually writing sentences.  I encourage to continue supporting your child's writing practice at...

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