Students enhanced their love for Allh by learning His Names and Qualities, and connecting to His Names through supplication and remembrance. In addition, students were also taught in each lesson to...
14 July 2020
Dear Parents/Caregivers, I would first like to thank you for entrusting me with your children throughout this memorable year. It has been an absolute pleasure facilitating Islamic Studies and I ha...
1 January 2020
Students have been working hard in high school Qur'an classes this term. Many students have begun their memorisation directly from the Mushaf after completing the rules of Tajweed and recitatio...
1 January 2020
Asalamu alaikum Dear Irfan Families, This term during Islamic Studies, students have delved deeply into concepts focusing on the Pillars of Belief (I'tikad) and Pillars of Islam (Arkn al-Islm...
15 October 2019

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