Years 7-9 Islamic Studies T1 2021
Asalamu alaikum Dear parents and Caregivers, This term, I have had the honour to cover Imam al-Bajuri's classical text- 'Introduction to ...
12 April 2021
Year 7-9 Islamic Studies - T4 2020
This term, students focused on spiritual diseases of the heart such as: hatred, iniquity, ostentation, anger, and more. Throughout the term, stud...
16 December 2020
Islamic Studies - 7-9 T3 2020
This term, students focused on the fundamentals of Islam according to the methodology of Sunni Orthodoxy and the Hanafi school of thought. Studen...
14 October 2020
Islamic Studies - 7-9 T1 2020
Students enhanced their love for Allh by learning His Names and Qualities, and connecting to His Names through supplication and remembrance. In add...
14 July 2020

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