16 December 2020

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Geography & History - T4 2020

by Ms Aqsaa Khan
Term 4 has been a productive term for all grades. Year 7 have been learning about place an liveability, particularly the factors that can better the liveability, but can also worsen it. The specific factors students studied were the environment, healthcare, culture and safety. They also looked at...

12 October 2020

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Geography and Ancient History T3 2020

by Ms Aqsaa Khan
It has been a productive term for all students. Year 7 students have been learning about landscapes and landforms and their importance in the world. Students have recently looked at how people negatively impact out landscapes through things like mining, deforestation and pollution. They also look...

15 October 2019

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Geography T3 2019

by Ms Aqsaa Khan
It has been a fun and productive term 3 for students in Geography. Year 7 students have been studying Landscapes and Landforms and the various natural features in our world. They looked at the different kinds of volcanoes and mountains and how they formed through the movement of tectonic plates. ...

18 December 2018

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Geography (Year 7 & 8) Term 4

by Ms Jena Yalcinkaya
Assalamu Alaykum, Year 7 This term in Geography our year 7 students studied the unit 'Place and Liveability'. Students' engaged in activities focused on developing an understanding of the differing perceptions of 'Place' as well as the distinct features and characte...

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