16 April 2019

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Secondary English Term 1 2019

by Mr Ozan Angin
Year 7 students have been busily reading through this term's set novel 'A Monster Calls'. Their study of this novel, which included close textual analysis of key scenes within the novel, has allowed them to consider how language allows the reader to vividly imagine scenes in their min...

16 April 2019

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English (Year 10) T1 2019

by Ms Elif Tirzik
This term, year 10 students had the opportunity to read and analyse the novel 'To Kill a Mockingbird', written by Harper Lee. It was the first time students were exposed to classical texts and although they were challenged at first, through detailed analysis and lots of scaffolding, th...

18 March 2019

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Stand Tall Speak Out

Year 9 and 10 students will be participating in the 'Stand Tall Speak Out' poetry program. A representative from Lebanese Muslim Association , Ms Maryam, will be with us every Wednesday, working with our students to build on their poetry writing and performance skills. The program lea...

18 December 2018

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English Term 4

by Mr Ozan Angin
During term 4 in Year 7 English, students will be exploring drama. Students read a variety of plays in order to explore and analyse the forms, styles and techniques composers use to convey meaning, which will assist students in gaining a better understanding of both writing drama scripts and acti...

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