15 July 2020

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English Secondary T1 2020

by Ms Elif Tirzik
Irfan College students have been working very hard during their English classes this semester.
Year 7 students have analysed the picture book 'A Monster Calls' and presented a speech on the particular language techniques the author uses to portray his message. They then moved onto anal...

14 July 2020

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Year 8, 10 & 11 Advanced & Extension 1 English T1 2020

by Mr Ozan Angin
Term 1 Year 8 students were transported back in time to Nazi Germany through their study of the novel 'Boy in the Striped Pyjamas'. They were given the opportunity to consider the context of WWII through the point of view of the young Bruno, especially through his growing yet ultimately...

1 January 2020

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Secondary English T4 2019

by Ms Elif Tirzik
Assalamu Aleykum dearest parents and students, We have come to the end of yet another year where our students have strived to reach their personal best. All grades were involved in a number of activities, which helped to enhance their literacy skills and equipping them for the following year. T...

15 October 2019

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Year 7 & Year 9 English T3 2019

by Mr Ozan Angin
Year 7 English students have been studying poetry this term. Their close study of poetic techniques allowed students to appreciate how language expresses powerful feelings and imagery through poetry. Students were also given the opportunity to explore a variety of different poetry from traditiona...

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