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Secondary Science T4 2019

Posted by Mr Dominic Marsh on 1 January 2020
Year 7
The topics covered in Term 4 for Year 7 were Classification and Earth and Space. In Classifications students learnt about classifying animals and plants into groups and how to use dichotomous keys. In Earth and Space, students were engaged in learning about gravity, tides, planets and the solar system.

Year 8
In year 8 this term we covered the topics Physical and Chemical change and Rocks and Minerals. Physical and Chemical change focused upon what happens when substances change, the different forms of physical and chemical changes and some chemical reactions. Rocks and Minerals focused upon Igneous rocks, weathering and sedimentary rocks. This topic also allowed for some interesting practical's such as the deposition of sediments.

Year 9
The topics that Year 9 covered in Term 4 were Ecosystems and Plate Tectonics. Many interesting concepts were covered, such as the make up of an ecosystem, sustainability of ecosystems and managing human impacts. In Plate tectonics we focused upon moving continents, plate movements and how rocks and mountains are formed.

Year 10
In Year 10 through Term 4 the following topics were covered Motion and Energy and Forensic Science. The many different and interesting concepts covered included the motion of objects and the relationship between force, mass and acceleration and distance, speed and time. In Forensic science the students covered DNA testing, fingerprinting and the various types of evidence.

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