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Secondary Qur'an Studies - T4 2020

Posted by Mr Erol Kaso on 16 December 2020

Qur'an classes in high school have been progressing well. Students have been utilising various forms of media to supplement their learning of Tajweed rules and concepts. This includes powerpoint presentations, videos and other electronic tools in addition to their textbooks and/or Mushafs. This term, we have seen some students progress onto being able to read from the Mushaf as well as other students greatly improve their fluency and theoretical understanding of the rules. In order to keep up this momentum, it is important students and parents regularly recite and revise concepts at home on a daily basis. This is the only way significant progress can be made. We pray Allah (SWT) grants us success in learning and living His book. Please feel free to contact the Islamic Studies and Qur'an department for any assistance in your child's religious education.

Author:Mr Erol Kaso
Tags:Quran - Secondary

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