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Secondary English T2 2019

Posted by Mr Ozan Angin on 5 July 2019
Year 7 students have been studying film texts this term. Their close study of key scenes within the film 'Coraline' allowed students to consider how the horror genre guides the use of film techniques to scare the viewer. This experience was particularly exciting for students as it was their first film study and also their first time writing an essay.

Year 8 students undertook a Shakespearean study of 'A Midsummer Nights' Dream'. Students were given the opportunity to explore their first Shakespeare first play from beginning to end. A lot of their study consisted of a practical drama performance of the play, giving students roles to act out and experience the play as it was intended. This provided a foundation to move into an analysis of the underlying themes of the play.

Year 9 students focused on the place of culture in society. The set text for the term 'Growing Up Asian in Australia' provided an opportunity for the close textual study of a variety of Asian Australian authors' experiences. Essay writing was a key skill focus of the unit that extended students' writing ability. There was a small environmental component at the end of the unit, which explored Japanese culture and the environment through the anime film 'Spirited Away'.

Author:Mr Ozan Angin
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