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Secondary English Year 8,11,12 Term 1 2022

Posted by Ms Elif Tirzik on 14 April 2022

Assalamu aleykum parents and caregivers,


I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy Ramadan and pray Allah SWT blesses us all during this beautiful month.


This term, year 8 students have successfully completed their novel study unit “The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas”. Students wrote an essay for their assessment task, assessing how two themes were significant within the novel. Students then watched a documentary on the Palestinian experience titled ‘Stone Cold Justice’ and were involved in very crucial discussions. I pray that students enjoy their break and come back to school fresh for term 2.


Year 11 English Standard and English Extension 1 students were involved in a variety of learning activities. Extension students learned about the Romantic era and produced a text that had both romantic and gothic elements. Standard English students completed reading ‘Animal Farm’ and were asked to write an essay assessing Orwell’s context. I pray all students enjoy their break and return to term 2 fresh and ready to resume their studies.


Year 12 English Standard and Extension 2 students have successfully completed their studies for this term. Extension 2 students completed their literature review and continued working on their Major Work drafts. Standard students completed their poetry study and wrote n essay highlighting the troubles faced by migrants once they move to a new country. Next term is yet another significant term for year 12 students, as they will be one step closer to their HSC. I pray they all enjoy their break and return to school fresh and ready to learn.


I pray the rest of the year serves to be of benefit for all.


Kindest regards,


Author:Ms Elif Tirzik
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