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Secondary English. T2 2022

Posted by Ms Elif Tirzik on 5 July 2022

Assalamu aleykum parents and caregivers

Elhamdulillah, we have arrived at the end of another productive term where our students were involved in a number of learning activities.

Year 8 students analysed and evaluated one of Shakespeare's timeless plays, A Midsummer Night's Dream. Initially, the content was a bit daunting for our students as it was the first time they were to read and analyse a complete Shakespearean text. With the help of the translated version of the text, students were able to grasp the concept and appreciate the thematic value of the play.

Year 11 English Standard students studied quite a unique unit titled 'Contemporary Possibilities'. They viewed and analysed documentaries and were asked to construct their own documentary and trailer. Some students decided to present their version of truth about their lives and some chose to portray a family member's. All students completed the task in a successful manner, elhamdulillah.

Year 11 Extension 1 students were involved in an Independent Research Project where they had to research 2 significant texts, assess its value in society, evaluate the responses of critics and present a TED talk. This massive assignment was successfully completed and all our students have done significantly well.

Year 12 students are reaching the finish line, where English Standard students have completed their final week of term 3, and are working towards their trials next term. They are well aware of the enormity of this situation and are utilising their time to prepare for the HSC.

Extension 2 students are almost finished with their final drafts and are working on their reflective pieces.

I pray all our students succeed in their studies and continue to make their teachers proud.

Author:Ms Elif Tirzik

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