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Science Term 4

Posted by Ms Songul Kaba on 18 December 2018
This term Year 7 learned about the myriad of living creatures that exist. They learned to use dichotomous keys to classify organisms. In the Earth and Space unit we modeled the Solar System. We also learned the phases of the Moon using a model where students could see for themselves how the Moon appears to change shape each night.

Year 8 looked at physical and chemical changes and rocks and minerals. We made crystals of copper sulfate and looked at the different types of rocks that form in and outside the earth.

Year 9 were busy studying the tectonic plates of the Earth and how they lead to events such as earthquakes and volcanoes. We made a model of an erupting volcano. Our last unit was on electrical energy where students made an electromagnet which they used to pick up various objects among various other experiments.

Author:Ms Songul Kaba
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