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Science Term 2

Posted by Ms Zina Alnakeeb on 3 July 2018
Science Term 2

Term 2 has been very exciting for Science students. Year 7 science students have been studying about the Earth's resources and separating different types of mixtures using a variety of scientific methods and techniques. Year 8 science students have been exploring the systems that make up the human body. They have modelled human blood by making 'blood cocktails' and have dissected a variety of sheep body organs to examine their structure and function. Year 9 students explored a variety of chemical reactions that affect everyday life and the production of new materials. All students have successfully completed their half-yearly exams. We encourage all students to continually revise content at home and ask questions in class to further enhance their learning journey.

Ms Zina

Author:Ms Zina Alnakeeb
About: Head of Science, Events & SRC
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