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Science T3 2019

Posted by Mr Dominic Marsh on 15 October 2019

Year 7
The topics covered in Term 3 for Year 7 were Habitats and Interactions and Forces.  In Habitats and Interactions, students learnt about various habitats, ecosystems and predators and prey.  In Forces, students were engaged in learning about gravity, friction, terminal velocity and impact forces.
Year 8
In year 8 this term we covered the topics Energy and Elements, Compounds and Mixtures.  Energy focused upon how energy works, the different forms of energy, how it can be stored and Electrical circuits.  Elements, Compounds and Mixtures focused upon the periodic table, the make-up of Compounds and Mixtures.  This topic also allowed for some interesting practical's such as the making of Compounds that you can see in the pictures.
Year 9
The topics that Year 9 covered in Term 3 were Heat, Light and Sound, Electro-Magnetic Radiation and Electrical Energy.  Many interesting concepts were covered, such as how sound travels, how we hear sound and music, wave motion, calculating frequency and wavelengths, how electrical circuits work and how electricity if powered into our homes.
Year 10
In Year 10 through Term 3 the following topics were covered DNA and Genetics, Geological Time and Natural Selection and Evolution.  The many different and interesting concepts covered included how DNA is formed, Genes, Inherited characteristics, Fossils and Natural Selection.  Year 10 were able to complete many practical lessons this Term, which provided them a platform to further develop their interest and understanding of Science.

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