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Science T1 2020

Posted by Mr Aladdin El Zoobi on 16 July 2020

As students were at home engaging in online learning. This led to the students being eager to participate in scientific experiments on their return to school. To promote Working Scientifically skills, multiple scientific experiments were conducted on a weekly basis for each year group.
Year 7 students were the most eager to participate in scientific experiments, but before they could start, they had to demonstrate they can turn on/off and operate a Bunsen burner safely. Once they had demonstrated their Bunsen burner safety skills, the students were awarded a Bunsen burner licence. Since then Year 7 have been engaging in multiple scientific experiments related to the topics they were learning such as separation techniques. Year 7 were asked to demonstrate multiple separation techniques by evaporating water from a saline solution and so forth.
Year 8 students were learning about the systems in the body and were able to demonstrate they understood the topic by completing their essay on the affect of asbestos on the respiratory system.
Year 9 learnt about reaction types and also nuclear decay. For this topic Year 9 students took a look into the tragic events that took place at Chernobyl and the students recognised the dangers of certain chemical reactions if they were not handled by a trained professional.
Year 10 were also looking at chemical reaction types and used their Working Scientifically skills to demonstrate that they could plan, conduct and report on scientific experiments. Students also were asked to use a microscope to observe cell division of meiosis and mitosis.

Author:Mr Aladdin El Zoobi
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