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Science T1 2019

Posted by Ms Songul Kaba on 16 April 2019
After learning the fundamentals of the Scientific Method, including planning experiments, writing up scientific reports and learning how to use scientific equipment, Year 7 have been busy learning about the properties of substances and the particle model of matter. They are getting used to conducting experiments, which they look forward to with enthusiasm. This term as part of their assessment task, Year 7 conducted their own experiment and wrote it up as a scientific report.

Year 8 learned all about using data, gathering their own primary data from experiments conducted first-hand and learning how to gather second-hand data. We then moved onto a unit on Cells, the basis of all living things. Students got busy looking at various cells under the microscope, including some little bugs in pond water. An amazing set of models of animal and plant cells were presented as their assessment task for the term.

Year 9 were busy with some biology units this term, learning about disease and its causes and how to protect oneself from disease. They conducted an experiment to find out where bacteria were lurking and were surprised with the results. The later unit on Body Coordination looked at the different systems in the body and how they all work together to keep this amazing machine alive and functioning. Year 9 concluded the term with some fantastic models of nerve cells. Congratulations to all students for putting in such effort and being so creative.

Year 10 were immersed in some Chemistry this term. Looking at the Periodic Table, they understood why the elements were grouped as they are. The second half of the term was spent studying some specific types of chemical reactions, and also some factors that affect the rate of these reactions.

Author:Ms Songul Kaba
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