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Principal's Message - Term 1 2021

Posted by Ali Arabaci on 8 April 2021

  In the name of Allah (swt), the Most Compassionate and Most Merciful.  

We send our salutations upon our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw), his family and companions. We thank Allah (swt) for the boundless blessings He has bestowed upon us and are grateful for appointing us as His stewards.

Alhamdulillah, with the favour and permission of Allah (swt), we have come to the end of Term 1 for 2021. This year will mark one of our College's greatest milestones, the graduation of our first Year 12 cohort, inshaa'Allah! We are excited to witness this development as it has been a long and arduous road, and we pray that our students are able to achieve their best in the HSC.

We commenced the year with a new cohort of Kindergarten along with an additional 30 new students from Years 1-10. As a result of having our first Year 12 cohort, Irfan College has reached its maximum capacity this year alhamdulillah.

Islamic Pedagogy

Our Islamic Integration Team commenced its Islamic Pedagogy Professional Learning program for both Primary and Secondary staff. The aim of the program is to induct our staff on the nature of Islamic Pedagogy by exploring the What, How and Why of Islamic Education. Staff will also explore the Seven Principles of Islamic Pedagogy, which has been chosen as the main course text. Ultimately, our staff have a significant role and responsibility to imbibe and represent our tradition to their students and school community, and this requires specific and specialised training. The program is a year long course with face to face and blended learning opportunities. We pray to Allah (swt) that it renders fruit and success.

Careers Night
Irfan College hosted its first Careers Night program this year with over 40 professionals from various segments of the community. Students and parents from Year 10-12 were provided the opportunity to draw experience and insights from the professionals and university stalls who attended the event. I would like to thank our Careers Advisor and dedicated team of staff, our exuberant professionals who sacrificed their time for their community and the universities who attended the program. 

Islamic Schools Debating Competition
Our College hosted its first debate with Al Noori Muslim School this term as part of the Islamic Schools Debating Competition. Muslim School this term as part of the Islamic Schools Debating Competition. Alhamdulillah our Year 7 and 8 students were successful in their debate against Al-Noori as the affirmative team, with the topic 'That we should ban violent video games'. Our Year 9 and 10 students lost the debate as the negative team with the topic, 'That non-violent offenders should never be sent to prison'. I thank our Head of Debating for the organisation and Al-Noori for their participation.

Harmony Week
This term was also witness to the annual Harmony Day program which consisted of students acknowledging other cultures and traditions by dressing in the cultural costumes, participating in a poster competition and bringing in food delicacies that belong to various cultures. The afternoon was dedicated to having a whole school feast, celebrating, and appreciating the foods of the rich cultural foods of our school community. I would like to thank our Humanities Committee, our dedicated teaching staff and our amazing PNC.

Parents and Citizens Committee (PNC)
There has also been an important development in our College's Parents and Citizens Committee as a decision was made to revise the candidacy and election process of the PNC and its Executive Members. Information pertaining to the changes were sent to parents earlier on in the term.

As we embark upon another academic term, I kindly ask for your support through sincere dua for our school community and that Allah (swt) allows us to do justice towards our students. I thank you for your continued support and faith in our College. I pray that this coming Ramadan will be one of transformative change and a means for Allah's forgiveness and pleasure.

Yours truly,
Mr Ali Arabaci.

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