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Primary Islamic Studies T1 2019

Posted by Islamic Studies - Primary on 16 April 2019

This term we learned about the essentials of having belief in Allah as well as the significance of implementing what we learn, to feed our beautiful souls with goodness. We conversed about the (necessary) existence of Allah, watched interesting and fun videos pertaining to the Oneness of Allah, brainstormed what excellent manners are and thereby practiced them in class, enjoyed making posters expressing their knowledge and joy using colours and pictures. You see, loving Allah allows us to love His creation and be merciful to others and to this, students were asked to reflect upon their character and note down reasons for certain changes they've made. Students had noticed they were removing negativity and instead made positive changes which were due to their increasing knowledge of Allah and the beauty He spreads. Islam is about balance and we are to find that middle path wherever we may be in life. We should never lose hope as it is Allah who opens doors for us. It is not our job as humans to be passing judgments on others, rather it is Allah alone who is the Judge. So, then what is our job? This is what students are here to learn about.

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