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Orphan Sponsorship

Posted on 18 March 2019
Orphan Sponsorship
One of our College graduate attributes is to foster 'Care and Concern' within our students by the end of the Irfan experience.

Alhamdulillah, Irfan College in partnership with Hasene Australia has sponsored 11 orphans, one orphan per class, to facilitate our graduate attribute. Each class was visited and allocated their orphans. Students were provided with essential information such as their orphan's age and situation.

The Prophet (saw) has been reported to have said, "The one who looks after an orphan will be with me like this in Paradise" whilst holding his blessed index and middle fingers together.

Donations have been coming in regularly and much funds have been raised. However, to ensure support continues for our little orphans, we urge all families to continue donating to this project. This will not only sustain the financial support of our orphans but also instill a sense of care and concern in our students for the act of sadaqah and zakah.

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