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Music - Year 8 T1 2020

Posted by Mr Alper Karabork on 15 July 2020
Having never done Music in high school before this was a new experience for all Year 8 students. The introduction to music classes was exciting for all students as this was a chance to learn new things and express themselves through audio art.
It was important that students gained an understanding of the basic building blocks of music theory and notation, which is what the primary focus was throughout Term 1.
While learning online, students studied and analysed different forms of music as well as the role music has in movies and film.
Students learnt to played a variety of modern pop/classical songs via the IPad keyboards.
We had a successful Term 1 & 2 of music and look forward to progress even further in Terms 3 & 4.


Term 1 Intro to Music (Music Theory)

Term 2 Music in Media & Australian Music

'Music is a world within itself with a language we all understand' Stevie Wonder

Author:Mr Alper Karabork
Tags:Music - Secondary

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