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Mathematics Year 8

Posted by Mr Mustafa Ayvaz on 23 April 2018
Mathematics Year 8
Assalamu Alaykum,

During term 1, we have extended our knowledge on algebra and equations from year 7 to help lay the foundation to other topics that will be taught throughout the year.

Studying mathematics can be similar to learning another language, therefore, without continuous practice and consolidation after each lesson students may feel as though they are falling behind. It is very important for parents to support their children with their homework by providing them with a suitable environment and schedule for each night. Homework generally takes from 30 minutes to an hour each day. Homework is usually provided on HOTmaths a mathematics software that is in line with student textbooks. This software is versatile as it allows students to access various questions with instantaneous feedback. Furthermore, a way of checking the progress of your child is by reading the feedback that has been provided within student exercise books and their diaries.

I look forward to working closely with parents to help support the growth and potential of their child. May Allah grant us Tawfik (opportunity to achieve success) in all our affairs.

Kind regards,
Mr Mustafa
Author:Mr Mustafa Ayvaz
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