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Mathematics Term 1 2019

Posted by Joumana Issa on 16 April 2019
This term the following was taught:
Year 7:  Computation with positive and negative integers and angle relationships.
Year 8:  Algebraic Techniques, indices, equations, measurement and Pythagoras' theorem.
Year 9 5.2: Integers, decimals, fractions, ratios, rates, financial mathematics, algebraic expressions and equations.
Year 9 5.3: Computation, financial mathematics, expressions, equations and inequalities, right-angled triangles.
Year 10 5.2: Financial mathematics, area, surface area, volume, algebraic expressions and indices.
Year 10 - 5.3: Measurement, indices and surds and probability.

Alhamdulillaah, the results achieved by the students this term proves the standards have been lifted, however there is still a lot of work to be done and there is always room for improvement.
Weekly quizzes take place to reinforce students' learning and to help them become more familiar with exam conditions and to encourage them to study on a regular basis.
We have introduced display folders for students to insert all their mathematical resources. These folders will help students retain all their worksheets, quizzes and assessments in one place. This will not only help the students to be more organised but also to use for studying purposes.
Next term, HotMaths will be introduced for the second time this year and this is an online resource for students to use outside school hours to give them further insight and consolidation into the concepts studied in class. This resource includes videos for students to watch at their own pace and specific tasks the teacher assigns.
Next term we want to introduce "Math Question of the Week' to encourage students to "think outside the box" where they will be rewarded for their efforts and acknowledged in assembly. The questions are designed to raise student awareness of the importance of mathematical skills required in the real world.

Ms Joumana Issa
Mathematics coordinator
Author:Joumana Issa
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