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Mathematics - T4 2020

Posted by Joumana Issa on 16 December 2020
Assalama Alaykum Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakatu,

First and foremost, praise is to Allah (swt), the Almighty, The Greatest of all, on whom ultimately, we depend for sustenance and guidance.
Alhamdulillaah by the grace of Almighty Allah (swt) we had a busy term and productive year. The students were involved in learning numerous mathematical concepts and theorems thus increasing their numerical knowledge and various numerical skills such as problem solving, analytical and critical thinking to take them all to the next level inshaa'Allah.
This term our year 7 10 students completed their end of year exams.  The Yr12 students studying mathematics will have their first assessment task next year term 1 Week 4. I strongly recommend these students prepare for their math assessment task during this summer break where they are encouraged to communicate with their math teacher online for clarification and extra support.
Overall, Mr Halil and I are very proud of all the students who applied themselves and worked to the best of their ability. May Allah swt reward you for all your efforts.
The Year 7 students studied the following topics: Equations, Measurement and Indices.
The Year 8 students studied the following topics:  Linear relationships, transformation and congruence and data collection, representation and analysis.
The Year 9/5.2 students studied the following topics: Quadratic Expressions, Probability and Single Variable Data Analysis
The Year 9/5.3 students studied the following topics: Properties of geometrical figures, quadratic expressions and algebraic fractions and quadratic equations and graphs of parabolas.
The Year 10/5.2 students studied the following topics: Properties of geometrical figures, right-angled triangles and equations, formulas and inequalities.
The Year 10/5.3 students studied the following topics: Quadratic Expressions, Quadratic Equations, Non-Linear Relationships and their Graphs
The Year 12 Advanced Maths students studied: Sequences and Series, Graphs and Equations, Curve Sketching using the Derivative.
The Year 12 Extension 1 student studied: Induction and Vectors.
The Year 12 Standard Maths students studied the following topics: Rates and ratios, network concepts, investments and loans and non-right-angled trigonometry.
Once again we would like to congratulate our students as we couldn't be prouder of them for all their achievements thus far, especially the most improved students.  They worked very hard and their consistent commitment, positive attitude, dedication and perseverance led them to reveal hidden potential.
We look forward to continuing lifting the standards of our college to rise to new heights of excellence and ask Almighty Allah (swt) to continue to bless and guide us all, Ameen.
I wish you all a safe and enjoyable break and hope to see you fresh and ready for the next phase in your learning.

Ms Joumana
Author:Joumana Issa
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