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Islamic Studies Term 3

Posted by Mr Erol Kaso on 11 October 2018

Students in years 7-9 continued building upon their Tajweed knowledge this term with numerous students successfully completing their primers and moving onto the Mushaf. This will inshaAllah be celebrated at the end of year presentation as such an achievement is significant. Students also completed their study of the unit, Aqeedah and Belief. Students firmed their understanding and knowledge of the Pillars of Iman and Islamic Creed.

Islamic Studies Excursion - Term 3, 2018

This term, year 5 and 6 students went on an excursion to explore the different beliefs and traditions of other religions and compare them with their own beliefs and traditions. Students visited St Mary's Cathedral in the Sydney CBD and engaged in a guided tour. Students then made their way to Auburn Gallipoli Mosque to compare and contrast the two places of worship and Islamic symbols. It was a beneficial excursion as it allowed students to understand the beliefs and traditions of the people in their wider community.

Author:Mr Erol Kaso
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