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Islamic Studies and Qur'an

Posted by Mr Erol Kaso on 3 July 2018
Islamic Studies and Qur'an

Assalamu aleykum wa rahmetullahi wa barakatuh. All praise be to Allah, our College has been blessed with many achievements this semester. Our Young Scholars Program students had the opportunity to increase their brotherhood during the term break by attending a special Qur'an camp in the Central Coast where they engaged in various bonding activities and religious lectures with their teacher Imam Osman Cavuslu. They also had the privilege of meeting the Imam of Sultan Ahmet Mosque, Istanbul Imam Bunyamin Ozciftci who gave the students advice and motivation to continue their journey in memorising the entire Qur'an.
Students have been working hard as usual in their Qur'an and Islamic Studies classes and the teachers of the Religious Education department are working tirelessly to ensure all students achieve their goals and objectives. We pray for their success in this life and the next.


Mr Erol

Author:Mr Erol Kaso
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